• Feeling blue and need a friend?
    I can chase those blues away!
    Cockapoos are great
    and so much fun!
  • Like being outdoors?
    so do I!
    Providing your next best friend!
  • Like to snuggle?
    I can be your snuggle buddy!
    Your best friend is waiting for
    you to take him/her
    to their forever home!

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Mom and litter mates

Welcome to JP Cockapoos

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We are overjoyed to share our love for the cockapoo breed with you. Cockapoos are a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Cockapoos are very loving, affectionate, energetic. They are also very adaptive to various environments and get along with other animals. Like all puppies, though, they love to run around, swim, go for long walks, etc, or they are just content snuggling up next to their owner! So if you can get them out into the countryside to stretch their legs you'll have one happy pup! Should you make the choice to get one of these lovable pets, there is no doubt in our mind that you will be overjoyed! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Available Cockapoo Puppies

Your new best friend could be here!

Puppies are here - November 1, 2022!

Puppies are here! Please contact JP Cockapoos for additional information!

Please come back to see weekly pictures of each puppy's development!

Meet The Hershey Bars

DOB: November 01, 2022